God Provides Protection – 7-24-18


Written 6/27/18

I wouldn’t post this for awhile because I failed to put where I got this from, then I began remembering that I wrote it.  Sometimes things flow with the pen in the night.

If you teach or support teaching of a child, are involved in care giving, or your ministry is healing hearts, you are the front line of battle in the kingdom.

Put on your armor and protect the humility within you. Your breastplate of righteousness will light the way as it covers your heart, your sword will tell you what to say. God’s word is very powerful. Your shield will quench the fiery darts of doubt. Your feet will walk the path of truth in His Word. And keep that helmet of salvation strapped tight. The battlefield in the mind is strong.

Look not to the left or the right. But see with His eyes.

Pray for strength and it will be rained on you lifting you high above the enemy. You will soar like the eagle whose power is in the wings gifted by God. Your needs are met as you meet the needs of others.

John 10:27-28
Matthew 25:44-45
Ephesians 6:10-18

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