Families Will Gather – 7-12-18

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I posted my ‘gather’ sign earlier.  I had forgotten when I first got the sign and a pillow that says ‘gather’, I had posted that I was hearing a lot about it and it seemed significant.  I was sitting in my swing before midnight the 11th and took a picture of the sign reflecting on the house.  I kept thinking ‘that means something for now’.

Within a day or so Marty Breeden, a brother in Christ to so many in these times, had posted on his Facebook page a dream called ‘Families will Gather’ dated 7-12-18.  When something is significant to really pay attention to, I will hear or see it at least twice.  God has always used someone I trust or put things before me that stand out.  He knows our hearts and He is true to His word.  2 Corinthians 13:1 KJV – This is the third time I am coming to you.  Every matter must be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.

This is his dream:

Last night I had a dream that seemed and appeared very current.  Everyone I saw in my dream looked as they do now.

News across the nation was growing grim.  There were bad tidings coming and moment to moment updates from global news networks.

It seemed as though the news was concerning nations and world conflict for man had chosen a path for himself and had now kicked himself into a scenario where action was to be taken, nation against nation.  There was other news about something large coming from the sky.  Great fear swept throughout our nation like a plague!

Then there seemed to be simultaneous news about strange weather patterns and something huge coming from the atmosphere.

Secular news networks and anchors began to walk off set but before they did they said, with tears streaming down their faces and deep breathing:


I even saw the news anchors hugging one another ‘goodbye’.

I saw myself gathered now with my own family…my immediate family.

We were all saved and although we didn’t fear as others did, there was still the human side of anxiety that was gripping the Godliest among us.  We stood there shoulder to shoulder, arm to arm, and hand in hand.  Then SUDDENLY the night sky LIT UP!!!

We could see the incoming (now in the dream it appeared as large fireballs in the night sky).

Just as they hit, WE INSTANTANEOUSLY WERE USHERED UP INTO THE SKY!!!  Through the night skies in a second of time, in the ‘twinkling of an eye’!!!

I cannot even recall hearing an explosion although I knew it was happening.  Suddenly we noticed that instead of the carnage and fear and despair and worry and explosions…that we all began to see LIGHT!!!, then beautiful rolling hills, and then soft flowing crystal rivers…then a beauty and sense of peace beyond description!!!

A loved one looked at me and said: “See Marty…it was all real!…ALL THE TIME it was all real!  Jesus promised to prepare a place for us, and look around!”  She laughed out loud and said: “OH MY…CAN YOU HARDLY BELIEVE THIS BEAUTIFUL PLACE?”  SO now…we once again gathered as a family…shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm…and hand in hand…but THIS TIME…under entirely different circumstances…for we had finally arrived HOME…never to part AGAIN!!!  I AWOKE…

That dream is so comforting for God’s people.  Sometimes we need to be reminded that we know the bible says things are coming, but we forget the end results.  This dream reminded me of my dream confirmed by two relatives where we were told we had thirty minutes.  We were told that after so many became so tired they left.  I took that as being left the faith to follow Christ.

If you get a minute, go to Marty Breeden YOUTUBE and you should see different interviews Marty has given regarding his near death experience as a police officer.  It is a testimony that will really warm your heart.  He is also on Facebook.  He has a wonderful family and they enjoy serving the Lord.

I had asked God to speak to me again about these things and opened my bible to Zephaniah 3.  I learned in September 2015 that God speaks to me many times through His word and sometimes it’s just by opening the bible.  Even if I don’t have that particular question on my mind.



Author: aswingandaprayer.com

I share dreams and visions over the years on this site. I enjoy giving encouragement and devotions. Thank you for visiting. Donna Sikes

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