Sitting with Jesus 6-7-18

I had much work to do.  I had office work, house and laundry, grandchildren.  My head works ahead to the next task.  I work in the office and know when the dryer stops.  I fold clothes and keep them in the basket because the last load won’t be long in drying and I can get more office work done and not put these up til that last load is folded and save time.  Unexpected errands send my head adjusting my daily calendar.  Children dressed and out the door.  While out did they have lunch?  Can I save time with a drive thru and them eat when I’m headed back to the office.  I kept asking God for His peace and He kept giving it right away as He always does.  I’d have to soon ask again.

I was thankful when the sun set and I was in my swing.  This morning I woke worried about a situation with a family member and my head went into problem solving mode.  Figure it out, fix it, move forward.  This was all while in devotion.  Not good.

I heard clearly ‘drop some efficiency’.

I had to ask, ‘what does that mean’?

So my day came before me and my morning starting out came before me.  And this verse where Martha is being so efficient and Mary has chosen that thing that is so important came before me.

Luke 10:38-42

Drop some efficiency.  God bless.

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