Star Wars

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The night I saw the vision of armor and was told to put on the armor of God was around February of 2016.  It’s posted on this site with a picture of armor.  I went into the prayer closet and saw a backpack my grandson used.  My eyes kept being drawn to the picture and I felt strongly led to research Star Wars.

The backpack showed a guy in black with his red saber and the two behind him in white. Later that day I saw a sentence that struck a cord.  It didn’t fit where it was and had nothing to do with what the subject was.  ‘Darth Vader and Luke Sky Walker were never friends’.  I saw the first movie of Star Wars but never saw another one.

I found out Kylo Ren was the guy on the backpack with the red light saber.  He’s on the dark side but wasn’t always.  The ‘First Order’ in that movie actually came out of conversations the writers had ‘what if the Nazis had gone to Argentina to work together instead of going into hiding’.  Could the First Order exist as a group actually admired by ‘The Empire’.  Work of the empire seen as unfulfilled?  Vader as the martyr ‘looking at what he didn’t get done’.  First Order worships Vader’s image.  In the original trilogy – the dark side can be dispelled by light with the power of the force and heroism.  Vader made the ultimate sacrifice to save, bringing him to the light side.  Kylo is the reveration of him, trying to finish what he started.  A picture on looper dot com regarding Star Wars looks like Hitler as he stood at the seat of satan.  I had seen a vision of a man walking up the seat of satan before I realized what the structure was called or even if it was a real place.

So how did the first order come to be?  What broke the utopian society?  The first order rose from the ashes of the empire.  How did they learn the dark side?  Who was their teacher?

My bible verse I opened to that day was Isaiah 9.  I usually study what I open to unless there is something special on my mind.  Russia and China are now a bigger army.  I read how ancient Egypt, Israel, and Ninevah can be compared to America today.  Daniel Stahl, a German Historian, says the Nazis escaped to S. America and France, then N America.  Obama compared Chicagoans to Nazis at an Islamic Society in Baltimore Mosque in Maryland on February 3, 2016.  I’m not sure what basis he was referring to.  Kerry Picket, Reporter, says that video keeps being banned.  I tried to see it but it wouldn’t open.  The Nile was the bread basket of the world in Egypt.  It is located in Egypt where our Mississippi River is in America.  Read Ezekiel 29-32.  Destruction of Pharoah.  Shall cover the heavens and make the stars dark.  The sun and moon shall not give her light.  Solar eclipse-ancient Egypt failed.  Isaiah-70 years, then punishment.

Ancient Tyre was the financial capital, today we have Tyre, NY.  Satan was the prince of Tyre, as NY head of UN.  It has been said that America is the second Germany.  Our leaders worship at Bohemian Grove – Revelation 16.  In 1945 when Germany was defeated, the scientists came here.  Germany sprayed toxic gases, we have chemtrails.

In the heart of Colorado, Denver, there is a 1994 airport in the shape of a swastika with an underground base.  The paintings are of the holocaust and on the Internet.

The Georgia guide stones show the ten commandments of the beast, the plan of the antichrist.  Bringing down the population and one world religion.

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