Dreams of Deception

Deception b4 Rapture – March 11, 2018

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On March 11, 2018, I dreamed I was walking with two grandchildren.  We had left some people that were going to sleep.  (There are many going to sleep these days.)  We walked into a land that was something like Alice in Wonderland.  We would meet creatures or see abandoned rides like in an abandoned theme park.  The land was dark and dreary.  There was no color anywhere, and nothing was as it seemed.  We would see a light in an abandoned home and would be able to go in for food or rest, whatever we needed, then move on.  Sometimes we would find a ride that was functioning and could get on it like a slide to go faster or something we could sit on to move quicker, and there would be another light in an abandoned home that we could go into, then move on again.  There were others on rides but no one laughing.  I would pick up trash here and there but there was no place to dispose of it, and nobody else cared or wanted to talk about it.  It was as if they just rather ignore it.

I saw the grandchildren’s mother and she was trying to tell me something.  She passed away years ago so I knew she wasn’t supposed to be there.  Nothing there was real, except the light in the abandoned homes.

This land was full of deception and people I saw were like the old saying – Asleep.  They just hadn’t laid down yet.

The children and I were separated a bit, but as I began to walk toward what I felt was the center of this place, I saw the children again.  They were walking toward the center and there were a few others that made it.  We were finally out of that dark and dreary place of deception.

When we got to the center, it was very colorful.  We looked up as the sky changed.  It appeared as if we were standing at the bottom of a pool and looking up to the sun beyond the water’s surface.  There weren’t many of us gathered there, but I saw the lady in front of me as her arms left her side and flew upward, then she was gone.  It was as if she were shot out of a cannon.  Then a small person went up and the water or air made a swirl behind her in the shape of a  heart.  Someone close by yelled ‘that was one of the angels’!  I believe they may have been speaking of the children but I don’t know.  Then my arms left my side and flew upward, and I was gone.  I felt myself going very fast, then I woke.  I know we will meet Jesus in the clouds as scripture says.

On March 12, 2018, my dreams were all about rapture.  One door would open and I would hear ‘almost home’.  Another door would open and I would hear ‘catch away’.  I dreamed all night of rapture but the only memory I have of that night were the doors and what I would hear as they opened.

I thought I had heard the phrase ‘catch away’ before but couldn’t remember.  I looked it up to make sure it was biblical.  I found it in Matthew 13, specifically 19-21.  A commentary said that some may have started out as being an excited Christian and just fell asleep or abandoned it.  Maybe the hardship or persecution was too much.  The scripture explained the dreams.

The main thing for the body of Christ is to stand strong.  I kept thinking when God’s children are gone, there will be no light left.  The only light we have in us is the light of Jesus.

On April 15, I saw a comment about we are in the time of deception.  This dream is symbolic of God’s protection and provision when we went into the lighted, abandoned homes.  Because of that we made it through and persevered.  Our ears and eyes were open to His leading and He led us out.  He took us home.  I’ve had more on that and have seen more on that so it’s being called to our attention.  May God bless and keep you in all your ways as you lean on Him with hope, faith, and trust.

Psalm 27:11    2 Chronicles 7:15    Proverbs 3:5-6    Psalms 28:7    Matthew 6:25    Deuteronomy 28

Picture by me.


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