Dreams of Warnings

Desolation March 30, 2018


I began reading chapters in Jeremiah to find where the land was I was shown (previous post Ruin Chaldeans) that had been destroyed to the point even the grass was gone.  It was dark everywhere and only a handful of people were huddled around a barrel.

After I finished reading March 30, I was going to sleep when the words came to me ‘New York City’.

I didn’t read again until April 1, about 1:00 in the morning.  When I read in the night, things are clearer.  I can be trying to put something together and it won’t work, so I wait to get up during the night and it flows.

As I read, a vision I’ve had came to me and I understood each part of the vision through these verses.  The vision was me looking out a small square window.  I’ve seen those windows in pictures talking about watch towers.  Jesus was standing outside with His left arm held out to me.  I’ve never had a vision that clear.  Our eye sight on earth isn’t that good.  From these verses I knew He was saying ‘come out of her’.  The scriptures spoke of the city and the daughter.  Then Jesus was gone and I was looking at a warrior readying his bow.  The side of his face was very scarred.  (this is a previous post)  These scriptures I was reading this night were speaking of the bow.

I saw that face later in the day when I turned on TCM and a movie ‘Exodus: gods and kings’ was on.  The only part I saw was Moses telling the people to put blood on the door posts after he had an argument with Ramses.

I knew in reading the scriptures Jesus was showing me what was coming.  They are readying their bows.  There will be an exodus.

Ramses was one of Egypt’s greatest warriors.  This movie showed Ramses II – the greatest and most powerful.

The scriptures are Babylon, but this vision was telling me to come out of her and the warrior with the bow used in the vision appeared to be Ramses.

I’ve documented times I would feel I needed to go inside and shut the door for a little while until the indignation was passed.

Scriptures are fulfilling.  We do know that is true.

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