Arms of the Angel

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On my mind for days has been a personal experience with the Lord from years ago.  I couldn’t understand why something so personal was so in front of me now.  I believe it is to bring comfort to so many that are suffering and afraid.

In the biggest struggle of my life, I was pretty much just putting one foot in front of the other.  It’s those times you feel alone and there is no one there.  Some of the struggle was of my making and some wasn’t.  So much and so many came against me that it was just bigger than I was.

I woke in the middle of the night and I was moving.  I couldn’t tell at first what this movement was.  I started realizing I was being rocked.  As the movement continued, I came to realize I was being held like when you hold a child that’s about three or so.

A left arm was under my knees and a right arm held my torso and head as we rocked.  It was a very slow motion that never changed – just rocking back and forth.  The one rocking me was much bigger than this picture though.

My head was facing down against this chest with my eyes closed.  I wanted to see up but I never tried to.  I don’t think I ever opened my eyes but even today I picture a long, plain garment, cream or tan in color, reaching to the floor with long sleeves.  I tried to imagine the stature of this angel, or maybe Jesus, that could hold a grown woman like this.

I was being rocked and comforted.  We truly are in His Hands.  I haven’t shared that with but maybe one person before.  Once we just fall into His arms, He can begin to heal.  We give it all to Him.

I hope this brings comfort to those that are hurting so badly right now.  You are not alone.  Jesus is bigger than any mountain we have to climb or any brick wall that stands before us.  He’s bigger than the enemy that is out to destroy us because the enemy hates our Father so much.  So through Christ we can do all things on our journey home.  We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

Psalm 91, Philippians 4:13

(picture taken by me)

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