Dreams of Encouragement

Run to safety – February 23, 2018


A person very close to me that is disabled and sometimes ministers to other disabled and elderly called and asked me to write this dream down.  I will call him Jay.

Jay was outside and he saw darkness all around, as dark as night.  He had a friend arguing with him about if there will be a rapture.  When he sat there looking out at the darkness he thought maybe he had missed the rapture, then he realized no Christians were gone so it hadn’t happened yet.  He knew the darkness represented tribulation that was coming, but not yet here.  In the dream he knew the closeness between him and the tribulation he saw coming was like the space between the rim of a cup.

A yellow jacket stung him and him having a fear of those, he ran.  They began to swarm and he ran harder.  He soon came to an open field that he ran into.  That was his safety.  He could see the enemy all around the outside of this field but they couldn’t get in.  He felt he was supposed to lead others to that safety, but that it wasn’t actually a physical place.

He asked God why he used something to move him that he was so frightened of.  He said God told him that if he hadn’t, then he wouldn’t have moved.

I read Psalm 91 to him and told him I believe that was the place where he was in the dream.  I believe God is going to send something to all His children to move them so that they will run to Him.  There WILL be a rapture.  We must be ready if Jesus comes now AND if He tarries.

Family picture.


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