Dreams of End of Days

At War With God – March 1, 2018

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I don’t remember the dream except the end.  Someone very dear to me (I don’t mention names of my close friends and family) stepped before me at the end of the dream and said, ‘have you ever seen us more at war with God’?

The other people in the room, who had been a part of the dream, didn’t want to hear that nonsense and walked out.

Those words summed up the whole problem of today in a nutshell.  I looked up those words and found James 4:4-10.  This made me so aware that our nation is at war with God in everything we have taken out of the schools and public places-the things we’ve made law in calling good evil and evil good.  Isaiah 5:20.

When a country comes against the country we love so much, we go to battle, so when there is war against our Creator that we love so much, what should we do?  We have the armor.

O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness: fear before him, all the earth. – Psalms 96:9 kjv

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