Miriam -September 21, 2017


On September 21, 2017, Miriam kept coming to mind.  I’ve never even thought of Miriam.  I began studying her life.  I realized I needed to prepare for Christ’s second coming the way she prepared for His first.  We have that spark inside us and God prepares our hearts for Christ, a heart that wants to know and love Him.  We have faith of His return.  This way our heart is shown in how we act with other people; kindness, patience, understanding, wanting to help, love.  Our hearts are focused on things above so our minds and actions show that.  He gives us a peace in our hearts even with trouble in the world, a world He has overcome.

Miriam was the first born, sister of Moses and Aaron.  Very protective.  She followed the basket in the water that Moses’ mother placed him in to save his life.  When he was taken out of the water, Miriam stepped forward and offered to find a Hebrew nurse for him.  That nurse was Moses’ mother.

God spoke to Miriam in dreams and visions.  That meant what she received was in part, but God spoke to her younger brother, Moses, mouth to mouth.  Miriam’s discontentment with Moses had caused her to rebel against God.  Miriam and Aaron came against Moses, but Miriam started it and she spoke it.  God heard it.  After God spoke to them and left, they saw Miriam had leprosy.  God heard the prayers of her brothers and said that she was to be put out of the city for only 7 days and could then return.

Miriam was very loved.  When she was away, the people would not move on without her.

She was forgiven.  She went on to follow her brothers.  She gave not to herself, but to others.  She made a difference in God’s kingdom.  She witnessed miracles.  Close to entering the promise land, Miriam, Moses, and Aaron passed away.  God did include her as a leader in Micah 6:2-4 where he pleads with His people again.

Don’t give up on your Miriam.  Love with tough love and pray for her.  God may just have a mighty work for her to do.

Picture by me.

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