The Secret Place


I had made notes of going to the secret place.  I felt the Holy Spirit beside me and I knew those thoughts were not mine.  I’m just always hesitant to say that.  It has been so heavy on me to stay in that secret place with the Lord.  It is very important as we go forward.  My secret place is my prayer swing in the woods.  Tensions and cares of the day float away as our Savior ministers to us.  God came down to live among us.  He didn’t take up residence in an earthly home, and he teaches us of our heavenly home.  He teaches by word and example and told the writers to write it all down.  We open that book to the way, the truth, and the life.  Through this secret place we are revived to continue on.  It’s the medicine that gives us the calm that makes us easier to live with and easier for us to tolerate others.  We have peace; our soul is restored.  We become more like Him.  We are not strong enough but through Him it is made possible.

Psalm 32:7 – Thou art my hiding place; Thou shalt preserve me from trouble; Thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance. Selah.

I received a call from a family member that had a dream that confirmed it.  God warns, so we live in faith.  Faith abiding in Him is our protection.  He is our strength and our rock.  Worry is replaced with joy.  Chaos and confusion is replaced with peace.

Since he is disabled, he called for me to write down the dream.  He sometimes ministers to others and had been doing that with someone that had a disagreement with him.

He saw outside and darkness was everywhere, as dark as night.  He could tell it wasn’t the tribulation but knew events were being shaped and going on and that things were revving up and were being set up for things about to happen.  As he sat under a tree he thought about the debate he had been having about the rapture.  The person he was debating does not believe it will happen.  As he thought about this, a yellow jacket began flying around his legs.  He tried to ignore as he continued thinking about the debate and what he was seeing as he sat there.  He wonders now if this is tribulation, did I miss the rapture?  He realized no because Christians were still here.  Suddenly, he sees a swarm and gets stung.  He leaps up and runs.  He feels the swarms in droves as he’s being stung.  As he runs, he knows he is being led somewhere, and if he stops moving he will get hit again.  Deep down he knows this dream he is in is not the answer to rapture or tribulation or how to talk to this person about Jesus coming back.

He prays to the Lord about the answer and has insight, from that he has a conversation with the Lord about his salvation.  He knows God is working on him and guiding him.  He gets to an area where he can’t quite reach before he is attacked horribly.  Once he does make it, he knows he is safe.  He felt he should lead people to that area, and knew it wasn’t a physical area.  He knew it wasn’t tribulation yet but things were moving at such a rapid pace that it felt like it was here.  He had another attack but still knew he was safe.  He could feel the pain and everything going on in the dream.

Right before he woke, he knew the yellow jackets were an instrument of the Lord to lead him somewhere.  He has extreme horror of yellow jackets and he asked the Lord couldn’t He use something besides yellow jackets and the Lord said, “If I had, you wouldn’t have moved.”

He knew that where he was then and where the tribulation is was ‘as thin as the rim of a cup’.  The pace is so rapid.  By the time he got to the field where he was protected, there was a group of people following him, but he was in the field alone.  These people weren’t enemies but they weren’t believers and they were not able to follow him into the field.  They were looking for an escape for what was about to happen.

He knew the yellow jackets were to lead him and give him revelation, but once he was in the field alone, the yellow jackets didn’t follow.  I think he was hit once more and that was all.  They were swarmed around the entire field, but he was kept safe and his enemy was kept out.

He knew he needed to lead people to that place that was a symbol.  We sat and read all of Psalm 91.  Protection is there for us.  There were three in the fire unburned, and then there were four.

Picture from family.

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