Dreams of Protection

Tsunami – Feb 18, 2017


I dreamed I was at the beach with my family.  I looked at them and I don’t remember seeing the faces of some of them but there were many.  When I pray for family it’s for family of the blood and of the heart.  We were on the sand and there was a playground in the water, glass tunnels to crawl through.  All of a sudden waves taller than the buildings were coming toward us.  The odd thing is we weren’t afraid.

The first wave crashed over and we were okay.  It didn’t sweep us away, although I do remember someone being swept away.  We did get in vehicles and start to move along the beach with the ocean to the left of us in convertibles.

We made it to shelter and I was in a separate room looking through a window at everybody crowded around a long table.  Some were sitting, some kneeling, some standing, but all around the table.  Two faces stood out at me as they stared my way.  The dream reminded me of what is coming at us now, waves of trouble in our country.  I woke up thinking our prayers and faith make a big difference.  I’ve learned these thoughts aren’t mine as I’m waking up.  I was being told our prayers and our faith make a big difference.  That was the message to hold on to.  I asked God was there scripture to go with this and immediately Isaiah 24 came to mind.

I didn’t remember what that chapter read until I looked it up and it does seems to relate.  Also Psalm 91 came to mind.

(dates beside the titles are always the date of the dream or vision)

Picture taken by me.

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