Dreams of Deception

The Great Deception – 11/11/17

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On November 11, 2017, I had a dream that I prayed about and in February of 2018 I heard the title.  This is the dream:

My husband and I sat in a living room talking to a man.  My husband told the man he wanted him to live in our house when we are gone.  I couldn’t understand why he would want to give this man our house when we die.  When I got up to walk out with the man I understood my husband was speaking of the rapture.

I left wearing office wear and heels which I don’t wear anymore, so I was thinking this isn’t me anymore.  We walked to another house where I was excited to meet the woman with dark hair that had dreams and visions as I do.  I was anxious to get the opportunity to sit and talk to her so we could share.  But the lady immediately let me know it was someone else I would talk to.  I was deflated but agreed.  We then walked to another house while this dark haired lady told me about the woman I would meet.  She said I would be amazed and this woman would lead the way.  I became cautious at that point.

We walked into the house and to a room that was very crowded.  The dark haired lady stepped down to get into the room and the walls were carved out of dirt.  The benches around the room were carved out of the dirt.  There was a table in the center where the dark haired lady went to so she could sit with an older light haired lady.  I stayed at the door and didn’t enter.  The room was very crowded and I leaned against the door as the older woman began to speak.  The crowd was so mesmerized they didn’t notice that her voice changed.  I remember her facial features doing something like a distortion maybe.

A panic welled up inside me and I threw my arm out, pointing my finger at her.  I yelled, “Who is your creator!”  She immediately stopped and became very still.  I threw my arm out again, pointing my finger and yelled, “Speak of it now or never speak again!”  She didn’t move or speak and she wouldn’t look at me.

I turned from the doorway and walked into another room.  There were two tables laden with food.  I mean the food was piled so high and disgustingly on top of each other.  All the people there were picking up plates and piling on food.  The two ladies had already sat together with their plates, piled high and were already eating.  They were sitting at one of the two tables piled high with food.  I thought ‘we can’t eat this’.  I can’t let these people eat this.

I walked over to the ladies and said, “I don’t suppose I am welcomed to dine with you now?”  They were so angry.  They spat out, “No, Go!”

I had noticed some family there.  I told them to put the plates down because we had to go.

When I woke I knew it was so unlike me to act like that.  I didn’t realize at the time that I had tested the spirit.  The bible tells us to do that.  The food represented whatever that lady was trying to feed us with her words.  I knew this dream was significant.  I prayed about it for a couple months before I heard one day, ‘The Great Deception’.

I looked up that phrase and it led me to 2 Thessalonians 2.  The first part of the dream was about the rapture.  Paul said don’t be shaken or troubled from a word, spirit, or a letter ‘as if from us’.  As if from us – That means you may hear a word that isn’t from God but the people are saying they are working for God.  They’re false teachers.  Test the spirits and see who they’re working for.

People are going to need the light Christians have in the days to come.  That light is Jesus.  We will need to know the scriptures so we know when we hear false teaching.  Deuteronomy tells us secret things belong to the Lord, but we are responsible for things we were told.  We were told one is coming to deceive and lead away the ones that have not received the truth and hold it in their hearts.  That is why God will send the strong delusion that they should believe the lie.  They made the decision to not love the truth – so God allows them to believe the lie.  They made the decision.  God isn’t forcing it.

You have no need to be afraid as you hold to what you have been taught and what you know to be true.  You are protected, not that you won’t go through some things, but it won’t touch your heart.

If someone says Jesus has come, believe it not.  Believe it when you see Him, no matter how long it takes.  He is our personal Savior, and He will make sure we see Him.  He won’t be sending someone else to tell us.

I do not write these things to convert, but to tell what we are being reminded of that we have already been told.  God bless.

Picture taken by me.

NOTE:  It took me awhile to realize that when I have a dream of good food such as in “Faithful and True”, it represents His anointed word.  When I have a dream of bad food, it represents deception.  6-23-21

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