Dreams of Warnings

Stalled cars again – 12-13-15


I dreamed again I was walking with somebody, but this time I was watching myself walk with somebody.  Traffic had completely stopped and nothing would crank.  There were several lanes of traffic in a street with tall buildings on each side.  In the dream I knew what had caused it and I knew it was international.  It was a trial run.

Something had stopped the vehicles – so I found out that would be the new computerized models in an EMP attack.  There were so many vehicles we were having to maneuver around them to get through on the street.  We had to step on bumpers.

In the other dream I was walking, in this one I was somebody standing back watching me walk.  I was in the background under a cover like a parking deck in the shadows.

I later heard on the news that Korea was testing missiles that are believed to be modified to cause an EMP attack.  On 1-27-16, I heard on TV where Guilliani and national security Mr. Wright think the 900 schools in CA and NY that had to close for a day are not from hoaxes where threats are called or written, but a ‘trial run’ from a group standing back to see how we react to such things and how much of a city they can take down at one time.

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