Dreams of Warnings

Anonymous – 12-13-15

IMG_6119 (3)

I dreamed a person I know was sharing information with others that I gave him on a DVD.  We sat at a table while others were in the room at different tables.  I had videoed the people and the message came to me that it would be very dangerous to share this information with anybody.  It scared me so that I searched in my dream to make sure I had not shared it.  So I knew this was something being done in secret.

I woke and had a close-eyed vision of people sitting at a round table.  They were not eating, but just meeting.  The one with his back to me turned his face to the side and then on around toward me.  He was wearing an anonymous mask.  He was unknown but carrying out the decision being made at the table.

In early March of 2016, I saw that mask on the news.  They had attacked Donald Trump and they weren’t finished.  They were saying even if he gets the presidency, he will not serve as president.  I don’t know if he meant they’d kick him out or what.  I looked for that news clip that had been on CNN later in May and can’t find it on the Internet.  There was a clip that showed a brief section of it but the video had been taken down.

Picture by me.

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