Dreams of Warnings

Sudden Destruction


I had given this out but it had come to mind again so I felt I needed to give it out again.  I kept delaying because some dreams are not easy to tell.  Then one day I heard ‘sudden destruction’.  I knew it was about the dream.  It was a title for it and a simple word from the Lord as to what it meant.  God does not speak unless it is something to grab hold to.  He is not like us much speaking people.

I looked up sudden destruction in the bible and told the Lord if it keeps coming to mind I will give it out again.  I don’t know what made me be so disobedient but I had a dream that got interrupted when someone stepped in front of me and said, ‘Donna, the people deserve to know’.  When I first woke I thought, ‘deserve to know what?’  Then I remembered.  I didn’t give this dream a date because it has come before me so many times.

So I put it out again.  This is the dream:

A family member and I had the first part of the dream on the same night.  We were in a room full of people.  They were becoming very tired.  People were stretched out across the tables and some had their heads resting on the tables.  Some were even stretched out on top of the table.  In my family member’s dream, they became so tired that some began to leave and that dream for them ended.  Key words in this family member’s dream is ‘people began to leave’ as in leave the faith.

My dream continued where I became so tired as well that I struggled to move a person out of the way so I could rest my head as well.  I was so tired I didn’t have concern for the person resting on top of the table.  I just started shoving them over.

In my dream, a machine of some type started spitting out words on paper.  It was loud as you could hear it typing.  It wasn’t a quiet fax machine.  There may be a military machine like what I heard.

Two men in the room went to the machine and started reading.  One tore the paper off the machine and said he didn’t understand why they weren’t aware of that, why they had not already been told.  They were talking about something coming out of the sky.  I thought ‘are they talking about an asteroid?’

There was a man at the end of my table on my right with his head resting on the table as well.  He slowly raised his head and asked, ‘how long do we have?’  One of the men reading from the paper said, ‘THIRTY MINUTES’.  (see 2019 word below with scripture about the thirty minutes)

It is important to point out that I had another family member that had a dream where they wanted to know how much time they had and the reply was thirty minutes.

I didn’t know if this was an asteroid or something being fired at us so I looked up the time it would take a missle from Russia to America and it read thirty three minutes.  Again, I don’t know if it was an asteroid or what.

I prayed about this dream for weeks before I heard the words ‘sudden destruction’.  The bible speaks of it in 1 Thessalonians 5 – … While people are saying “peace and safety”, destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.  (it says ‘they’)

The bible speaks of keeping oil in the lamp.  Don’t fall asleep or grow tired.  We are in His hands.  At some point, we will be meeting our Savior in the air – but in God’s timing.  God bless and be encouraged.  This is not our home.  We are just passing through.

In November of 2019 I saw a word given to Byron Searle regarding Revelation 8:1.  That verse reads . . . And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour.  (the thirty minutes)

The Lord told Brother Searle . . . Today I shout out to my people to prepare!!  There is coming much destruction, and many of my people who thought they would escape the suffering will be in a daze!!!

The main event is now on the horizon, and only my remnant have heard my voice and readied themselves!

I have been warning My Body for many years, yet because nothing has happened in America, My Body thinks they have plenty of time because there is no war, no turmoil, no major calamities – that all is good with Me!!

I tell you now – – America is a vile Nation that sacrifices its babies and children to Baal!  A Nation soaked with drugs and murder!  A Nation of deviant homosexual men and women, wanting nothing more than to pollute all people!  A Nation who embraces a king that is reflective of their hearts!

My son, I am about to bring America to her knees!!

I am going to shake my body so hard that they will think the end is here, yet this is but the beginning!!

I will show My Body that My Sword will cut asunder their cold, lazy hearts!!  Those that call out upon Me, I will fill with My Spirit and turn them hot for the gospel!!

Those that reject Me or curse Me or blame Me will be given over to their reprobate mind, and they will perish!!

My son, I know this is a hard word, but those of My Body must be given every chance to come to Me . . before the Silence in Heaven!

After the Silence is broken, man on Earth will perish very quickly!  When I open the Seals of the Scroll, know it has begun, and the time to prepare is over!

Remnant . . continue to help those who did not prepare.  Do not think about yourself, for I will sustain you and your family.  Show love to those I send to you.  Listen for My voice to speak to you.  I will tell you who I am sending to My Remnant for help.

My son, My Remnant will be used mightily during this time!  They will shine like diamonds, and those I send will see you . . those in the world will not!!

Beware of reprobates!  Protect your families and those I have sent!  Pray constantly for protection and provisions – – I will give both!!

My son, the days ahead are filled with tribulation for My Body!  The devil is angry and will be out to destroy those that follow me!

I love you all very much!  I AM coming soon for MY REMNANT!!. Amen. Lord Jesus.

end of word

Picture taken by me.

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