Looking for Jesus – November 2016


I dreamed my brother, who mostly ministers in the streets where others won’t go, spent the night with me at my mother’s house.  When I woke I went into the living room.  He eventually walked in as well and said, “God told me in the night that we are one eye blink away from the Lord’s return.”  I asked, “Why would God put it that way?”

When I woke I thought of the verse that speaks of Him returning in the twinkling of an eye.  A twinkling and a blink are pretty quick.  The bible tells us the dead in Christ shall rise and we shall be changed.  Ever since that dream I hear others talk about it or see where someone has documented these words.

I know God’s children look forward to that day.  I don’t worry about the pre-trib, mid-trib, and post-trib debates.  I try to always be prepared if He returns today or if he tarries.  And yes I do know what the bible says will happen before He returns.  I’m just trying to always be prepared as I feel we all should be.

Picture taken by me.

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