Dreams of Warnings

Led Away – 10/12/16

The Obamacare has concerned me since people are being forced into insurance they can’t afford.  I prayed about it and my answer came in a dream.

I was entering a local drug store when a man approached me and others entering.  He had a very authoritative voice, telling us we had to go with him.  None of us wanted to but we felt we had no choice.  We followed as he took us outside the store and across the grass and to an opening at the woods.  We all stopped but the man kept going as we watched.  I peeped into the woods and could see that the man continued onto a dark path into those woods without saying another word or looking back.  I asked the others didn’t we need to follow?  Wouldn’t we be in trouble if we didn’t?

I don’t remember ever going into the woods but the scene shifted to us being on the other side of that local drug store as if we had gone into the woods and come out the other side.  Some stood around and others sat on benches.  I sat on a bench and didn’t see the woman beside me but I heard her.  I believe she is the same woman that has been with me a few times in dreams/visions.  She said, ‘did you see how easily we followed him and he didn’t even have a gun?’  I told her I was just thinking about that and I believe it was an experiment to see how we reacted.

My husband walked up and I told him about it.  He stood behind a couple others at another bench talking to the men.  An officer came up that was wearing a coat, hat, badge, and a gun.  He hung his coat inside a guard-type shack and looked at us with disgust like we were nothing.  I felt the exercise was over so I yelled at the man we had followed as he was then standing back at the store talking to someone.  I asked if I could leave to take a grandson to the doctor.  He was very perturbed with me and said ‘yeah, go, go’.

This dream tells the deception without any explanation.

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