Waking to see words – 2016


On August 26, 2016, I was sound asleep when I heard the word LAMENTATIONS!  I saw the word.  I searched and studied.  While on the Internet I saw an ad about earthquake beds.  I watched the video which showed a map with red dots blinking just as the one I had seen with black dots.  I began waking in the night feeling trembling.  I had sent the ad to a cousin in an earthquake area.  A day or two later she said they were having an earthquake.

On September 21, 2016, I felt very distraught over the Arch being built in NYC.  I found out they didn’t build the Arch of the Temple of Baal; that had been stopped.  They became cunning and built the Arch of Triumph to show support for the loss in that city on 9/11.  Who could protest that, right?  I read the history on it and this Triumph was linked to the Temple of Syria.  The Temple was linked to child sacrifice.  Also this is the week the UN meets again in NY as during this week in 2015.  I saw ’19th’ while sleeping.  That was the day the arch went up.

I woke one afternoon after a nap to the word CERN.  I looked that up.  It would take a book to write about it.  It was March 25, 2016, where I had been anxious all morning.  I prayed about it and asked others to, then I rested across the bed where I immediately fell asleep.  When I woke I saw a headline that was two lines.  It was all blurred except the last word on the second line – CERN.  I study those arches that go up.  I pray all plans, bricks, etc. fall overnight as they are put up.

Another word later on was Lithographer – March 2016.  I saw something about a similar machine making the chip.  Also, a meaning was set in stone.  There are things in the bible that are set in stone – Jesus is coming back, there will be judgments, the antichrist will show himself.  There are some things that can be delayed with prayer but it is set in stone that certain things will happen.  I didn’t research this one much.  I try not to let anything be a distraction.

The Holy Spirit has been teaching me since September 2015.

Picture taken by family.

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