U.S. Map Vision – Sept 2015


The day went on after the dream of the warning in September 2015.  Around 5:20pm I sat back in a chair to rest.  As soon as I closed my eyes a large U.S. map showing different colored states like that in an old classroom appeared before me to my left.  Suddenly the map zoomed in very quickly to the center of my view.  When it zoomed in, I was seeing mostly the southern part of the United States.  Dull, black dots began to appear in areas of West Central Georgia on down.  There were a good many of these dots.  They began to pop up sparsely across the gulf, but became very heavy again when they appeared in Texas.  This was mostly the gulf side of Texas.  I could look at Georgia and across the gulf to Texas and the map wouldn’t move.  Suddenly, the dots began blinking rapidly but not simultaneously. As soon as I made sure of what I was seeing and the areas being shown, the map quickly slid to the right.  I knew I was seeing California.  The black dots appeared numerously up and down the coast and some on into land.  They began to blink just as the other locations had.  Two weeks before the hurricanes and fires became so bad in 2017, I heard sirens all night.  During the hurricanes and fires these were the areas affected, although I did not see Puerto Rico.  I’m not sure if this is the reason I saw the map.  So far I have found only one other person that has seen this map and these areas, and he said it was because of an invasion that he saw come onto U.S. soil.  His name is Henry Gruver.  (I found since this post others are beginning to see this as well.)

This did remind me of a brief dream years ago where I saw a bear and an oriental girl walking out of the sea onto our soil.  I didn’t know at the time that the bear represents Russia.

Close to the time I saw this map, there was a movie about the San Andreas Fault.  I sat down to watch the movie with my family, but shortly my upper abdomen began to shake and I couldn’t watch the movie.  I stepped away.  I knew others had to be getting these things.  It couldn’t just be me.  That’s around the time I began seeing that other people hear from the Lord and they put it on the Internet.  I believe this vision shows places of destruction, I am not positive of how that will come about.  Like I said, I was not able to watch the movie, San Andreas.


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