Pray for HAWAII


I am posting from the oldest to the newest, however, I need to interrupt to ask for prayers for Hawaii.  On April 12 I received a word during devotion ‘Hawaii’.  I put it in my journal and asked a friend if he knew of anyone having anything about Hawaii.  He said no, just that they were hearing loud noises sounding like trumpets.

On May 2, I heard ‘things will never be the same again’.  I took my journal and pen with me to the rope swing where I pray and asked God for more information.  I looked down and saw Hawaii on my notes dated April 12 ‘I heard Hawaii but yet know why’.  I also saw Matthew 7:7.  So we pray.

When I received the word ‘things will never be the same again’, a feeling of shear panic came with it.  It lasted only about a minute before it went away, but I’ve never received anything like that before.  I don’t know if this is the beginning of more to come.

This is from my journal on another incident like this one:

August 9, 2017
I woke continuously to sirens. All kinds of sirens. In and out of sleep I heard sirens. The first time I looked at the clock was between 1:30-2:00. I finally got up between 3 and 4. I sat on the couch emailing sister and life-long friends about it, still hearing sirens. I got on FB and posted on Marty Breeden’s site. He is a cop that went code blue and came back with an amazing story. Immediately under my post a pastor TD Hale said it’s the same reason he’s up. Hearing sirens continuously and looking out the window but nothing outside. It was back to back after this.  I don’t believe all these people hearing sirens and warnings was for nothing. It wasn’t long after this that the hurricanes started and they were devastating.  Fires became worse.  Tornadoes.

I said all this to say there is an urgency to pray for Hawaii.  God needs our prayers; the battle is His.

Picture from family.

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