The Holy Spirit Came Down – 9-19-15


The only way I can describe September 19, 2015, is the Holy Spirit came down.  In the wee hours of the morning I woke to hearing singing.  I knew it was the congregation in my grandmother’s church when I was a little girl.  I knew the tune but I couldn’t place it, then I heard the words.  ‘Count the milestones one by one, Jesus will forsake you never, it is better farther on.’  Those were the sweetest words, and they were the only words I was able to make out during the singing.  Those words touched my heart, and I was amazed.  Then I felt a whoosh come over me and the Holy Spirit was touching my heart.  I felt it.  A message was downloaded.  ‘Get off the phone, Internet, TV.’  I thought to myself how I do too much of that and after the weekend I was going to cut back.  This time it came stronger and more urgent.  It wasn’t in a hateful way but just firm.  ‘Now.’  Then I saw a calendar where the span of a week stood out and at the end I saw 21.  That end of that week wasn’t the 21st, but I understood I was to be off for a week.  I asked, ‘How am I going to document things I’d already been documenting?’  I had already had a couple things to happen that made me type them on my notes in my cell phone.  As soon as I asked, I saw a picture of a white piece of paper and a yellow pencil.  It’s a shame I even had to ask, but I did.  Time spent with the Lord has been unbelievable since then.  I had already been called into the prayer closet.  I was being cleansed and refined.  I not only had to be forgiven, I had to forgive.  The bible came alive.  The words spoke to me, and ever since, that’s almost always how I’m given anything or any questions are answered.  I get scripture.  I would read in the night and fall to sleep clutching my bible. One day I felt the words Isaiah 58.  The words were just there.  Then I got it again.  So I read Isaiah 58 often.  As you can tell I’m not a scholar at all, but I can relay what I get from the Spirit.  I asked God one day if I should tell these things.  For months I’d open the bible to verses that said tell these things, write down the vision, shout, blow the trumpet.  I took the picture on this post.  I love taking pictures of God’s artwork.

Psalm 42:8     John 16:13

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